Photo session for the 2022 calendar

  • By PLEO design
  • July 23, 2021

On July 24, there was a photo session organized by us, which we carry out for one of our regular clients. As every year, we design a calendar with original photos. The theme of this edition is classic technology whose spirit is reflected in beautiful automotive gems.

Subsequent editions of the calendar have a different atmosphere and a different photographer invited by us to cooperate. This year we had the pleasure to observe Adam Cekiere at work, whose photographs can be found on the websites of many fashion brands.

We chose three models for the session: Ala Krakowska, Gabi Cegielska and Sasha Obodianska, represented by the AS Management agency. There was also a film crew on the set that recorded the backstage – our partner, Time2Time, was responsible for the wonderful footage.



This year, the biggest challenge was to find a place in Krakow or the surrounding area that will have a space that allows you to photograph cars both inside and outside. We chose Hotel Forum, whose parking lot and nearby areas perfectly fit into the concept of our photos.

The project was creatively supervised by a designer from PLEO: Agnieszka Byrska, who was also responsible for the organization and is currently working on the calendar.


Seroquel canada

Nowy kalendarz will have its premiere in December this year, but in the meantime, we invite you to watch the photo session from the previous year, and the calendar itself in our portfolio on Behance

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