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Ahmedabad Brand strategy

It all starts with a strategy that sets a specific course of action. Without it, corporate image decisions are just a guess. Information gathering is the start of the process. Using the project brief, we get to know your view of the company, we reach your clients with surveys, and thanks to desk research we recognize competitors and trends on the market.

We translate the collected data into solutions. We precisely describe the target group and choose the most important values ​​for the company. The result of our activities is the selection of an archetype, i.e. the foundation for the entire brand. Only now can we prepare the history of the brand (BIG IDEA), which will inspire and define subsequent actions.

  • we do user research

  • we conduct a brand audit

  • we help to prepare the brand architecture

  • we create names and slogans

  • when designing, we use various tools, including the archetype circle

http://smragan.com/tag/micro/ Visual identification

We deal with comprehensive design of visual identities. When creating, we always stick to the established assumptions, because the best projects are not only beautiful but also wise. Logo design is the beginning of our work on the visual language of the company. Taking care of consistency, we prepare a Brand Book, which is an interpretation of the correct use of the logotype.

A business card, letterhead, envelope or briefcase are the basic job materials that constitute the next stage in the creation process. An interesting addition can be a stamp or CD design. The visual identification developed in this way is the foundation for the preparation of advertising materials. Only a properly implemented (printed) project achieves its assumptions, therefore author’s supervision is necessary.

  • we design a logo, and a brand book for it, which shows how to use it

  • we create a visual key, where we show the graphic character of the brand with the help of job materials

  • We carefully select the color, typography and the type and method of using printing media (type of paper, finishing, etc.)

Sales support

Sales support is all activities related to advertising. In them, we focus on showing the main advantages and values ​​of products and services designed by us. The design of promotional materials is based entirely on the previously developed visual identification of the company. Depending on the needs, we prepare a leaflet or a fold-out brochure for the basic presentation of the service.

For special events, we offer the design of the entire sales stand and support in the implementation process. Advertising in public space includes such projects as: banner, roll-up or car wrapping. A necessary addition to promotional activities may be the preparation of advertising gadgets such as pens, notebooks or more non-standard materials.

  • we design catalogs and newsletters of large volumes

  • we design leaflets and advertising brochures presenting customer services

  • we design and choose advertising gadgets, tailored to the character and message of the brand

Photo session

Photographs and films are a natural development of graphic solutions. Our team will prepare the entire photo session, select models, develop the scenery and come up with a concept. We always develop photos in relation to the strategic assumptions of the brand.

  • we prepare a concept for a photo session taking into account the brand’s assumptions

  • we choose models and design the scenery

  • we take photos and then retouch them

Industrial design

We design products based on the design thinking method. We study the needs of users and market trends. Then we sketch the product and transfer the effect to 3D programs. We consult the approved project with the engineer to prepare it properly for implementation.

  • we draw sketches and a graphic model of the product in 3D programs (Rhino, So-lidWorks)

  • we develop prototypes

  • we test solutions on users

  • we supervise the implementation


We always design packaging in accordance with the visual key of the brand. We create dies from scratch, prototype and test every idea. Then, in cooperation with the printing house, we refine the packaging. We help to choose a contractor and the method of implementation.

  • we design proprietary dies, which we then test

  • we create the graphic design of the packaging

Service Design

Service design is the creation of new and optimization of existing services in all dimensions: business model, communication, business processes, customer-company interaction processes, design of individual points of contact between the company and the customer.

  • based on the Design Thinking methodology, we design and improve existing services

  • we use persona tools, empathy map, and research to understand the recipient

  • we create user paths to find places in the service for improvement

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