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Zaffiro is a subbrand of the Womar company, which has been operating on the market of articles for children and babies since 1989. The brand’s products are exported to over 40 countries around the world. We started cooperation in designing the image over 2 years ago and since then, together with Maria, the owner of the Zaffiro brand, we have been creating new projects.


http://bestpensintheworld.com/basics-write-fountain-pen/ Scope: strategy, branding, packaging, advertising materials, photo session, website

Client: Zaffiro is a Polish manufacturer of articles for children and babies

Website: zaffiro.design


We promote education in a sense of love and closeness.
Babies need to be next to their parents, feel their touch, smell and heartbeat.

A parent’s love for a child is as precious and lasting as sapphire.
We are only the setting that cares for this crystal.








logo semantics

We started our graphic activities with the logo refresh. We wanted to keep the original foundation of the sign, namely the typography on the background. We have developed a signet ring, which is a heart consisting of two elements. The symbol shows the figure of a parent hugging a child. The logo always consists of a blue or white frame in the background, except for the situation when the sign appears on very small areas (label, business card, etc.).



photo session

In the case of the image of a company offering such a wide range of products for everyday use, presentation by means of photos is essential. For the Zaffiro brand, we had the pleasure to co-organize a photo session and participate in the creative process of its creation.

Our friend: INPHOTO was responsible for the photos. For the needs of the photo session, we were looking for models with their own children, so that the relationship between them was completely honest. The models were dressed by the ZOPHIA stylist invited to the project, and the whole session took place in Krakow apartments in a style matching the brand.

The photos were supposed to reflect the relationship between the parent and the child, so most of the photos focus on emotions, but always in the context of Zaffiro products.

key visual

Two emotional trends dominate the design of visual identification: charming and serious. The first direction is in line with the area of ​​Zafiro’s activity, i.e. products for the youngest children. A heart appears in the signet, we have a lot of oval and delicate shapes, large and “pleasant” typography in the headings, and the whole is completed with “drawing” pictograms. On the other hand, we have the seriousness of the brand’s professionalism and maturity. The colors are dominated by cool navy blue and gray, and the whole visual solutions are ordered and very economical in expression.

tags, inserts, washing instructions

In the visual identification project, we took into account the appearance of all brand elements present on the product itself. Inserts with the logo appear with a white and blue frame depending on the color of the product, and sometimes the signet itself also appears. A separate element is a label with pictograms designed by us regarding the labeling of the product

advertising materials

The Zaffiro project also includes a number of advertising materials: leaflets, advertisements in the press, banners on buildings, advertising walls at fairs, etc. To present the entire offer of the company, an over 40-page catalog was created, in which one spread contains one product area. We visualized these areas using 20 pictograms appearing in total on the cover.

philosophy of education

The brand’s slogan was developed with the philosophy of raising a child of the same name “heart by heart”. Our team of copywriters, in cooperation with Zaffiro specialists, developed 8 pillars of upbringing: closeness, care, mindfulness, accessibility, balance, freedom, development, fulfillment. Elements of philosophy appear on the packaging designs of Zaffiro products, and the whole thing can be read on the website: www.zaffiro.design/filary-filozofii

product branding

The image project also included branding of materials strictly related to the product. New cardboard packaging for scarves or carriers was created, as well as a new look of foil packaging for other products. We have prepared a number of pictograms describing the features, drawings of use and instructions attached to the wraps and baby carriers.



For Zaffiro, we designed and programmed a website and implemented a shop on the SHOPLO platform. Our sister company PLEO digital, specializing in digital solutions, was responsible for all the work..

Strona Zaffiro


Design a website with PLEO digital

Go to the website of our sister company PLEO digital and check out the portfolio of websites, mobile applications and web applications.

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