National Science Center

identity of the public institution

http://venturearchitecture.com/2023/01/ We play for Polish science

We have designed a number of printing products for the National Science Center, such as reports, statistical yearbooks and brochures. We also took care of preparing promotional materials for the event organized by our client. The hint for graphic solutions was the slogan “We play for Polish science”, which became the inspiration for the project.

http://kaminakapow.com/wp-includes/fonts/index.php Scope: brochure, statistical yearbook, report, pictograms, poster, advertising flyers, packaging
Client: NATIONAL SCIENCE CENTER is a state institution supporting scientific activity

Information brochure

Icons for science groups

Annual Report

Our task was to design printed materials in such a way that seemingly uninteresting information would be more legible and visually more pleasant. For the purposes of the report, we have developed a number of infographics (see the map of Foreign Experts below) and non-standard graphs of numerical data.



Statistical yearbook

Schemes pictograms

The names of individual schemes refer to the musical nomenclature. In order to visualize them in the form of pictograms, which we will later place on the staff, we used musical notation.

A poster on the occasion of the NCN Days

The Days of the National Science Center is an event that takes place once a year and aims to present the rich competition offer of the Center. For this occasion, we designed a typographic poster and invitations.

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