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Scientists associated with the Photon Institute design and build devices for the detection and production of light, which then go to scientific laboratories. When designing the image, we wanted to capture both the technological aspect of the services offered by the Institute, as well as the seriousness and artistry of the work of scientists. The key to the whole idea was Young’s experience and visual exploration of the behavior of light.

http://servuclean.com/demo Scope: strategy, branding, advertising materials, website

Client: The Institute carries out several dozen projects annually for universities and laboratories

Wesbsite: fotonowy.pl





Logo semantics

The inspiration for the creation of the Institute’s logo was Young’s experience with two slits and light. The experiment consisted in passing light through two closely spaced slits and observing the image formed on the screen. As a result of interference (overlapping light waves), light and dark stripes appear on the screen in areas where the light is dimmed or enhanced. The slit and the interference image (stripes composed of single “dots”) became the basis for building the logo and the entire visual identification.


For the purposes of the website and advertising materials, we have prepared pictograms describing the main areas of the Institute’s activities. The “linearity” of the pictograms was to refer to the typography appearing in the logo. The characters are only available in white or black.


Most of the products designed by the Photon Institute have the form of simple monochromatic solids. Made of simple visual solutions, the logos based on rectangles look perfect on the Institute’s products. The sign is available in white and black, depending on the ground.



Based on the visual identification project, we have prepared a responsive website of the Photon Institute. The visual basis was, of course, white and black with the addition of blue referring to the technological character of the brand. On the website, we display rectangular blocks derived from the logo and the noise effect appearing in photos and black banners (association with an interference image).

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