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For HS Medical, a company that distributes AED defibrillators, we have prepared a completely new image. We started our work with a thorough competition analysis and strategy definition. The determinant of all visual ideas was the main assumption of the brand: “We make people feel safe here”, so inspiration by the “place” itself.

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Client: HS Medical specializes in equipping companies and institutions with AED defibrillators

Website: hsmedical.pl

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We are here to give you control over your safety
and energy to save lives






Sign semantics..

A horizontal line appears in the logo, which at some point “jumps” upwards thanks to the pink impulse. This is an association with an ECG reading as well as a reference to locating the defibrillator en route in a given space. Our pink square, which “shines” in the black sign, refers to the energy needed to save a life..


Drawing pictograms are a distinctive element of branding. They were prepared mainly for the visualization of the HS Medical brand offer. Bearing in mind the fact that they would be enlarged in advertising materials, we designed them with great detail.

Advertising materials.

In addition to job-related materials typical of branding, we have designed a significant amount of advertising materials for HS Medical. Most of them have the form of a square to refer to the logo and slogan. Photos of the locations that appear both on the covers and in the middle of the publication play an important role. Elements such as logos, company details, headers, and a square box with a slogan are always centered on each other.

Space branding.

HS Medical also offers a number of products related to space marking. We designed information boards and direction boards on a rotated square. In addition, we have prepared wrapping for the cabinets in which the AED defibrillator is stored.


Based on the extremely convenient CMS system: CRAFT CMS, we designed and implemented the website. Of course, the whole thing has been adapted to mobile devices. The website provides a significantly expanded form of product presentation, adapted to the nature of the information. In addition, we have prepared a custom module “SELECT AED” which is a product search engine according to the user’s needs. The photos used in the printed materials also appear on the page, always with a pink square and a tagline.

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