we combine strategic consulting with design

We use design to create new values ​​for business. First, we need to get to know and understand the nature of the company we work with. During the initial consultations, we recognize the real needs and define possible courses of action. We always focus on innovation because we believe in the uniqueness of each project.

http://justrpg.com/reviews/shining-soul We are Design Consultancy.

We specialize in designing http://offsecnewbie.com/2020/11/28/jisctf-walkthrough/?nb=1 visual identification, industrial design and services. We work in the design thinking methodology, placing a strong emphasis on the exchange of knowledge with the client. Thanks to the commitment of both parties, we are able to create wise and innovative projects that end users will love.


PLEO is people. The quality of the project, the speed of its implementation, ease of communication with the client … it all depends on the atmosphere in the company. We are very lucky, because we always get gems: talented and modest PLEOnians.


PLEO is a family of companies whose passion and goal is design.

It consists of 6 separate companies: PLEO design, digital, expo, method, impact, shop. The group was established to provide comprehensive design services to its clients, based on common values ​​and goals.

Thanks to the specialization of individual company, and at the same time the exchange of knowledge and experience, we implement projects of any scope, offering the highest quality competences.



We believe that the success of a project depends entirely on its honesty. That is why the people and the history behind it are so important. In the design process, history becomes the brand and it determines the direction and nature of our work.

The name we chose for our group comes from the invention of the Polish engineer Kazimierz Prószyński. In 1894 he constructed a pleograph, the first device for recording and playing back films. Like this invention, we also “record” and “recreate” our customers’ stories.

The name “PLEO” is an expression of our respect and fascination for creating stories in every project. The Polish origin of the invention is also important to us, because in our activities we want to emphasize the Krakow origin of PLEO.


We have been operating on the market for over 10 years. Initially as individuals, then as a Clou Studio company (the brand still operates under the leadership of part of the former team) and now as a PLEO group. During this time, we were able to design for clients from both Poland and abroad.

For most of them, we continue to implement new projects and constantly care for their image as designers and consultants. The success and development of our business partners is the best motivation for us and proof of the benefits of our project cooperation.

Write to us, we will help you design your business story.


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